The current situation of the world demands some effective and innovative ways of providing education to the upcoming generation. The millennial parents are in a constant dilemma of how they can provide top-notch education to their pre-schoolers without actually sending them to schools too much. Because of this, the parents are switching to self-learning apps.

Despite the plethora of apps in the market, 100marks is the only app that provides complete curriculum-based education to children. It is the only smart-learning virtual school which gives provides game-based education to children so that they can gain maximum knowledge while having fun!

100marks game-based learning app is built to be adaptive from the beginning. The app is designed so dynamically that it can be updated with new information, approaches, and more with the course of time. Games even have student-monitoring analysis tools that allow parents to monitor their kids for active learning.

The worksheets, animated books, and prep-tests on 100marks help in the overall education and brain development of a child, while the printables and rewards which the app provides, encourages creativity in children.

These activities on 100marks not only help the inquisitive little minds with Math, Language writing & reading, general knowledge, and problem-solving skills but also make sure that kids are having a great time as well!

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