If you’re a parent we’re sure that by now you must be running out of new things to do with your kid and bond with them. Not to worry, here we bring you 6 awesome science projects that you can complete in a day and it confines of your humble abode.

Most of them use around-the-home items that you probably have on hand, although some will require a little bit of shopping ahead of time. Check them out right away!


1)  Make a hovercraft: Create a simple hovercraft that’s too cool for school!

1. An old CD
2. A push-up top from a water bottle
3. A balloon
4. Superglue

How to do this:
1. Superglue the push-up top to the middle of the CD
After the glue is dry, blow up the balloon
3. Affix the balloon over the push-up top
4. Place the CD onto a non-carpeted, bare floor and watch as the CD hovers from the escaping balloon air.


2)  DIY Storm: Let’s make it rain in a glass!

 1. Shaving cream
 2. A large glass
 3. Water
 4. Food coloring
 5. A spoon

How to do this:
1. Fill the glass with half-full water.
2. Put some shaving cream on top of the water to fill the glass with 3/4th full.
3. Use your finger or a spoon to spread the shaving cream evenly over the top of the water. The top of the shaving cream should be flat.
4. Mix ½-cup water with 10 drops of food coloring in a separate container. Gently add the colored water, spoonful by spoonful, to the top of the shaving cream. When it gets too heavy, watch it storm!


3)  Milk art: Your kid will love this experiment as it is just too eye-pleasing.

1. A bowl
2. ½ cup of milk
3. Dish soap
4. Cotton swab
5. Food coloring (more than 1 color)

How to do this:
1. Pour the milk into the bowl. Try not to move the bowl too much as the milk needs to be still.
2. Put one drop of each color in different places in the milk.
3. Put just a tiny amount of soap at the end of the cotton swab, then touch it to one of the colors.
4. Now just watch the colors float, beautifully!


4)  Ice-fishing: We’re obviously not catching any fish here, but let’s see how much ice you can catch!

1. Small paper-cups
2. Glass of water
3. String (yarn or kite sting works great)
4. Small stick
5. Salt

How to do this:
1. Fill the cup or tray up with water and place it in the freezer.  You can also use ice cubes from your freezer and skip this step.
2. When the water is frozen, remove the ice from the cup or tray.
3. Put the ice in the glass or bowl of water. The cube will bob up and down in the water and then float on the top.
4. Place one end of the string from the fishing pole on top of the ice cube and sprinkle salt on the ice where the string is touching. Watch as the water melts slightly and refreezes.
5. After about 10 seconds, carefully lift the ice cube out of the water with the fishing pole.


5)  Lava lamp: A fun experiment that results in a pretty decorative item. Who wouldn’t love this?

1. A clean plastic bottle, try to use one with smooth sides2
2. Water
3. Vegetable Oil (or you could use Mineral or Baby Oil instead)
4. Fizzing tablets (such as Disprin)
5. Food Coloring

How to do this:
1. Fill the bottle up about 1/4th with water.
2. Pour the vegetable oil into the bottle until is almost full. You may want to use a measuring cup with a spout or a funnel. You may have to wait a couple of minutes for the oil and water to separate.
3. Add a few drops of your favorite food coloring. Watch as the color sinks through the oil. Did your drops of color mix with the water immediately or float in between for a few minutes?
4. Break your fizzy tablet in half and drop part of it into the bottle. Get ready … here come the bubbly blobs!
5. You can even get a flashlight, turn off the lights and drop in another half tablet. This time shine the flashlight through the lava lamp while the blobs are bubbling!


6)  Home-made play-dough: This is an experiment that can turn out fun while you’re conducting it and also for later. No need to waste any money on store-bought play-doh.

1. 3 cups of flour
2. 1 ½ cups of salt
3. 6 tsp cream of tartar
4. 3 tbsp of oil
5. 3 cups of water

How to do this:
1. Dissolve salt in the water.
2. Pour all ingredients into a large pot.
3. Stir constantly over medium heat until a ball form by pulling away from the sides.
4. Knead the dough mixture until the texture matches the play dough (1-2 minutes).
5. Store in a plastic container. It should last for at least 3 months.


Hope you’ll have fun conducting these experiments with your kids!

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