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Ever since the pandemic has begun and we were trapped in our own houses because of the lockdown, but the children were having the time of their lives as they got their long-ish summer holidays which were totally unexpected for them. Even the parents enjoyed this in the beginning as they finally got that quality time with their children and families, which resulted in a lot of leniencies.

As the schools remain closed, the morning routine of families, especially the children, went for a toss as they were waking up late in the morning and staying up late in the night. But now, because of this dis-balance in the routine, kids are facing a lot of health issues and this messed up sleep-cycle can also result in irritation, behavior problems, trouble in paying attention and learning, being over or under-weight. It can also affect your kids’ immunity.

We are sure that you definitely don’t want to face such problems, and want to fix the routine as soon as possible. So here are a few tips which can help you to fix your kids sleeping pattern.

1. Talk to them about the importance of routine- But, not in the morning though! Explain the importance of getting up and going to bed on time and tell them the benefits in a way that they get excited to follow the routine. You can even try rewarding them by the end of the week if they follow it willfully.

2. Make a list of morning chores Make a small list of morning duties that they need to follow regularly till breakfast. This is because they need a sense of achievement in the morning as the schools will remain closed for a long time and they don’t have a reason to wake up. Morning chores like making up their own bed, brushing their teeth, taking a shower, and praying before breakfast is served will help them feel better, mentally.

3. No screen-time before they finish their morning chores- We all are well-aware of the fact that mobile and tab screens radiate harmful waves that have an adverse effect on the brain. So avoiding them in the early hours of the morning is always a good idea. Instead, encourage them to give 10 minutes to any activity they are interested in like singing, dancing, or hula-hooping.
4. Avoid long naps in the afternoon If your kids sleep in the afternoon, it gets impossible for them to go to bed on time in the night. You can be flexible about naps because if your kids are feeling tired, napping for sometime is always a good idea.

5. Make sure everyone in the house is getting enough sleep The whole family has to work together as a team to fix the child’s routine. Kids learn from their parents and if everyone’s sleep-cycle is fixed; the kids will feel motivated.

6. Try a nightcap like warm-milk before bed- Sleep-inducing night caps before bed is always a good idea. Warm-milk is known to give you a deep-sleep. Avoid giving kids hot chocolate, sugar and soda before bedtime.

Hope these tips would be of help to you. We understand the importance of routine and getting your children in a proper schedule despite everything which is happening in the world, is of utmost importance right now.

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