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Becoming a parent is like opting for a life that is full of unending challenges. But, despite everything, it is one beautiful journey, a person must go through. Seeing your toddler grow into a mature and charming adult is the most rewarding thing in this world.

When we talk about challenges in raising your kid, one of the main problems any parent faces is to improve concentration in their child. Let be honest, kids have the concentration level of a fruit fly. They learn, they get distracted and they forget. In order to overcome this problem, we have a few simple hacks which might help your child with the concentration problem.

1. Routine helps! : We know that due to this pandemic, the kid’s routine has gone for a toss. But building a timetable and getting up at an appropriate time in the morning really helps. To get more tips on building a routine, click here.

2. Avoid instructions: Clouding your child with too many instructions or tasks at a time will certainly dwindle their attention. Ensure that each instruction is specific and appropriate for your child’s age and maturity.

3. A healthy diet for the rescue: Food plays an important role when it comes to your child’s energy, moods, and ability to do things. A healthy dietary routine is key. There are foods that are famed for improving concentration and memory. These foods include green leafy vegetables, cheese, milk, and nuts.

4. Exercise: Children often have a lot of energy and don’t quite know what to do with all of it. Getting them to exercise helps expend the excess energy and channel it the right way, allowing them to do a task without too much distraction. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, exercising allows your child to concentrate better. The exercise time can also serve as your fun time together with your child.

5. Games: Concentration games like puzzles, memory games, etc. are some great ways to help improve your child’s concentration. You could also try teaching them a lesson through a game.
Well, 100marks is there to help you to take care of that problem at least.

6. Distraction: free environment: Some children respond well in an environment that is soothing and calming but other children may thrive in an environment that has a lot of hustle and bustle. Putting on soothing music and less time with gadgets can help a lot.

7. Rest: Be mindful of your child’s rest. Plan for periods of rest during the day and a good night’s sleep. A well-rested mind and body have heightened concentration power. Implementing a healthy and cozy sleep schedule helps improve their concentration during the day.

Implementing these simple hacks by modifying as per your child’s unique requirements can help parents like you boost your child’s concentration. For instance, you may find that mixing physical activity with a mental activity is very effective for keeping your child engaged.

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