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When it comes to parenting, it is a known fact that it is never just about the physical growth of a child. Many parents believe that some lessons or moral values should not be passed on to a preschooler or a toddler, but that’s a misconception. Some important values should be taught to children from a very young age.

Apart from the fact that proper education of a child is the most important factor a parent needs to take care of; here are a few moral values that a kid must learn in this generation:

1. Gratitude: This is the first and foremost lesson a kid should learn. Being thankful for having the basic needs is probably the first thing we adults realized during the lockdown and this is something that has to be passed on to your kids. Believing in a higher power and being grateful for whatever you have and get in your life should be kept at utmost importance.

2. Kindness: Being kind no matter what the situation is, is another important thing a kid should learn from their parents. Kindness always repays in unexpected ways and this lesson is something that a kid must learn at an early age.

3. Respect: Respecting all living things around us is one of the most important moral values we learn as kids and this lesson is an essential one that has to be passed on to your young ones. Respect is always a two-way street. If you treat your kids with respect at all times, being respectful towards everyone around them will automatically inculcate in their behavior.

4. Honesty: Let’s face it, there is no way to stop your kids from learning to lie. At some point of time in their life, they will get introduced to lying and they will lie when they are young, for no reason at all. TBH, we all have done that. But you as parents have to find a way to teach your kids the importance of honestly and how lying is bad for them. A tip: You can discuss how honesty can help them face hurdles of life rather than yelling at them when you catch their first lie.

5. Not hurting anyone: We all hurt someone or the other unintentionally and that’s completely alright. But teaching your kids to not hurt anyone, physically and emotionally is imperative.  

6. Love for knowledge: Instilling the love for knowledge when they are young is a pre-requisite. Children already have curious minds and if the parents are capable of giving that curiosity the right direction, the child’s future is secured. Introducing children to e-learning apps and inculcating self-learning in them is a way to develop love for knowledge for an entire lifetime.

Apart from several learning apps in the market, 100marks is one app that can turn out to be the most useful and knowledgeable for young minds.

7. Importance of mental peace: In today’s day and age, when mental health is given so much emphasis; teaching your kids the importance of mental health and how they have to prioritize it, has to be passed on to the kids. Parents must tell the kids when they are not feeling fine at any point in time in life they must discuss it with their folks.

These are a few important life lessons that kids of this ear must be aware of and parents must implant these moral values in their kids from the very beginning. Hope these tips help you in the future. If you want to share your thoughts about this topic, feel free to use the comments section below!

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