Whenever a child is born in any part of the world, the parents of the young one start worrying about their kid’s future, and from the very beginning, they start putting all their efforts so that the kid can have a comfortable life ahead.

One of the most important aspects which guarantee a financially stable lifestyle in the future is education. But due to the pandemic, the schools remain closed for an indefinite period of time, which is pushing all the millennial parents to induce self-learning in their kids.

100marks is the only app that provides full curriculum-based education for children in the age group of 3-12. A complete virtual school that provides game-based learning so that the kid will never get bored of learning from 100marks. With thousands of worksheets, animated books, and printables, this app fulfills all the needs of a pre-schooler.

Any child’s future is only secured when he or she can get educated with precise knowledge. Especially when it comes to a pre-schooler, the child has to have complete learning of all subjects. 100marks provides game-based learning of the whole curriculum, which contains all the 7 subjects which are taught in school. The content of the 100marks app is curated by the best teachers and is vetted by IITians, which is based on the current NCERT books.

When the basic pre-school education of kids is taken care of by the best virtual school of this generation, the future of any child gets automatically secured because of smart-learning with 100marks!

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