Education is one investment for a secured future that never goes to waste. Knowledge is power and it is the only thing that guarantees a financially stable lifestyle. And the most important part of the whole education system is pre-school. When basic education is passed on to a child in the best way possible, it gives him or her the required knowledge and mindset to overcome anything in the future.

100marks is one smart-learning app that is a virtual school in itself. This is the only game-based learning app that focuses on the fact that kids learn the best when they are having fun. Imparting an abundance of knowledge through animated playbooks, MCQ worksheets, and creativity-encouraging printables is what 100marks focuses on the most.

The core concept behind game-based learning app is teaching through repetition, failure, and the accomplishment of goals. The worksheets on this app are planned and designed keeping in mind that they offer enough difficulty to keep it challenging while still being easy enough for the kid to finish one worksheet in one go.

Apart from the worksheets, 100marks has hundreds of virtual books that are so self-explanatory, that kids won’t require any help from their parents. And for parents to track what their kids have learned, the app gives weekly progress reports, which are based on the worksheets and prep-tests a child attempts.

All these exciting features are the reasons why 100marks is a groundbreaking app; as from now on, the parents don’t have to worry about their child’s proper education anymore.

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