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The education sector has evolved over a period of time. In recent years parents, as well as students, have become open to the idea of embracing newer concepts and ways of learning. One such mode of learning is online learning. Apart from what students learn in school and from books, the online or virtual platforms serve as an added opportunity to learn. They offer assistance to children for enhancing their knowledge base and strengthening their concepts subject-wise. 

Keeping this change in mind, Admission24 has launched its revolutionary app that is expected to change the face of education and offer an excellent learning experience for students. The app benefits students from kindergarten to grade 5, offering curriculum-based learning for all the subjects. Admission24 has always worked to offer assistance to kids in learning, and with the 100marks app, they aspire to take their efforts a notch higher. 

While we can see several learning apps in the market, you may wonder what makes 100 marks different. Let’s have a detailed look at the features:

  • MCQ Worksheets

Many times, students are aware of the answer, but they fail to recall or express it. This can be because of memory or feeling pressurized. Studying should be about learning and not testing memory or cramming. Hence, 100 marks enable children with self-learning capabilities. With MCQs, students can see the answer options which trigger their memory. This way, their knowledge about what they have learned so far can be tested well. 

  • Printables

We all know kids enjoy free printables. Thus, 100marks updates and continues to add more printables as much as possible to make the learning experience fun and engaging for kids. You can find thousands of pages of free printables on the app which have been listed based on each subject of each grade. 

  • Playbooks

The playbooks at 100marks have been designed by educationalists and experts to engage kids with several learning tools in a fun and exciting manner. There are activities for kids to explore such as colouring, drawing and sketching, counting the objects, placing the objects, spell bee, match the rhyming words and more.

  • Quiz and rewards

By completing all quiz, worksheets, and tests, students can win personalized gifts based on performance. They can collect coins and stars to unlock characters and build their own themes. It is a good way to play, learn, and win. 

  • Game-based learning

The game-based learning is yet another feature which makes the app interesting. It is an engaging way to make the students learn different subjects and concepts. They learn via repetition, failure, and accomplishment. 

  • Virtual books

The virtual books are a good substitute for paper books as book reading can’t be replaced when it comes to learning. Students can learn books on apps, making learning a fun experience. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive learning experience, 100marks can be your one-stop-solution for the same. Download the app now!


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