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Since the year 2020 has begun the world has gone through a major shift and most of our lives came to a halt, as stepping out of our houses felt like a distant dream. Now when we the adults are adapting to the ‘new normal’ world; the younger ones are still waiting to play out in the fields freely. The school-going kids of this generation have gone through a major change because of this pandemic as the schools still remain closed and this year has almost passed but the kids are still waiting to just see their friends and school buildings.
Parents who have kids in the age group of 2-6 are all the more worried about their child’s education as they can’t even think of sending their young ones to school because of the virus. That leaves them with only the option of home-schooling their child. This concept may sound vast but actually with the help of a few good apps and the internet (of course!) can turn out to be a very good option for your child’s proper education, apart from what they will be learning in schools.
As parents nowadays are more educated than before, they hold the capability to teach their kids the values and lessons taught at school. With this, the idea of educating children at home has also gained momentum. And, this is what homeschooling is all about, teaching kids at home rather than sending them to any education providers.
The advent of homeschooling education has its roots back in time as prior to the introduction of the education laws, parents used to educate their children at home itself. But unfortunately, as home-schooling in India is not legal in India, yet; online classes on certain apps are being promoted vigorously.
And TBH, there’s no better way for your child’s full brain development than self-learning and homeschooling. There are many benefits of homeschooling your kids like, you will have control over what your children learn or want to learn. It also helps in building good relationships and bonds with the children. Teaching timings can be flexible and can you can make it according to your schedule. It also provides an opportunity to make learning exciting through your innovative learning ideas and apps.
Other than all this, it protects your wards from the negativity of society and gives you an opportunity to pass on your values and beliefs to your children. And more than anything else, it also helps initiate a discussion between parents and kids where the parents can also learn from children. In today’s day and age, home-schooling and self-learning is the need of the hour and you must opt for it.
But then again, whenever you feel you are dissatisfied with your choice, schools will always remain to enroll your child!

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