Amidst keeping your child healthy, happy, and imparting them with good values, a parent’s life comes with a lot of challenges. One of them is providing them a good education. It is a known fact that knowledge is power and it can only come with education.

The first school of any child is their parents and what a child becomes in the future depends a lot on the fact that what mode of education the parents are choosing for their child. Self-learning is an important skill for children as their journey through education and beyond to adulthood, building independence and the ability to progress without reliance on a teacher, comes from it. Traditional and instructional learning has a place in school, however working out an answer or solving a problem by yourself is not only more rewarding, but it also helps to solidify the learning.

We already told you about the benefits of home-schooling your child. Now, let us tell you a few reasons why self-learning is important for any kid in his/her growth years.

Self-dependency – This is one quality that your child will automatically develop while schooling from any e-learning app. Apart from the curriculum books that kids need to cram; e-learning gives them vast knowledge about any particular topic and their curious minds love to find out more about it, by themselves. This brings us to:

1. Inquisitiveness – Self-learning can improve intellectual curiosity and independence as they learn to educate themselves. From an early age, they choose what they want to learn about and e-learning proves as a boon.

2. Self-assessment – Apart from being independent and inquisitive, self-learning gives them the authority to assess themselves and know where they need extra work. If they develop this quality they can come to you asking for help and they would know exactly what they are doubtful about. This will make them more open to the parents when it comes to speaking up about their problems, even in the future.

3. Precise education – Self-learning apps offer quite a lot of options and there are many platforms from which a kid can browse through and things they want to learn or are interested in. This makes them more particular about the subject or field they are interested in. It paves a way for the future from the very beginning.

4. Tech-savvy – Needless to say, when a kid is learning on its own, it makes them technology-oriented. TBH, it is also the need of the hour as the whole is looking forward to new technology, and with each passing day, technology is making progress which is beyond our imagination. So, self-learning makes them much more prepared for the future.

Self-learning for kids is gaining importance and in today’s day and age, it is also much required. Being independent is the mantra for leading a happy life, and educating your own self helps in instilling this factor from the very beginning.

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